Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Private Shopping Appointments
In addition to regular store hours, Moonstone & Moss offers by-appointment shopping before the boutique opens to the public, allowing customers to shop without exposing themselves to other shoppers. 

For the highest level of safety for a customer who may be more at-risk but still wants to try things on, we recommend making an appointment for private shopping on Tuesday morning. Because the boutique is closed on Sundays and Mondays, all garments will have gone more than 48 hours without being tried on.

To schedule a private appointment, please email

Masks not required, but are available
As a courtesy for our customers, the owner and staff will happily wear a mask by customer request, and will typically do so automatically if a customer comes in wearing theirs, but we do not require customers or staff to wear a mask at all times. We leave it up for personal preference and simply ask that all staff and customers be respectful of others in the store. We do have high ceilings and the layout of our space prohibits a huge number of customers at one time; as such, we are pretty easily able to social distance.

We do try to keep extra masks in the store in case a customer desires to wear one but forgot to bring it - just ask if you need one. Hand sanitizer is also available - typically at the front counter - and we do make daily efforts at sanitizing.